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Avoid cheating on your digital exam

As a student, you are obliged to adhere to the laws and regulations that apply to Lund University. A student who commits cheating, any disruptive activity or other disciplinary offense may be punished with a warning or suspension.

Do not cheat

The basic rule for you as a student at Lund University is: Do not cheat and make sure that you know what is expected of you.

You can find information about what you need to know on the following webpage:

Cheating, disruption and harassment (Lund University's website)

Also make sure that you are familiar with the information available on academic integrity. 

Academic integrity (Lund University libraries' website)

How to avoid cheating on your digital exam

It is of outmost important that you ahead of your upcoming digital exam make sure that you have all the information you need to avoid mistakes and cheating. As such make sure that you carefully read the instructions that your examiner or teacher has provided you. 

You need to know:

  • If you are being individually assessed on a paper, are you then allowed to work together in a group or discuss the examination question with other people
  • If you are allowed to bring any aids to the exam and if so which ones. If it is an open-book exam for example are you allowed to bring your lecture notes?
  • What are the instructions regarding the physical space in which you will be when you conduct your exam? Are other people allowed in the room?
  • What are the instructions regarding your desktop on the computer? Does you teacher have specific requirement regarding it?
  • Are you allowed to divert from your desk during a monitored exam and what rules do you need to follow in those regards?
  • What happens if your internet connection is lost during a monitored exam, can you be accused for cheating and is there anything you can do to avoid it?


Two students by a computer. Photo: Unsplash.

Support and advise

If you are involved a disciplinary case you may seek support and advice from the Student Health Counselling, the Student Ombudsman at Lund University Student Union as well as the Doctoral Student's Ombudsman at Lund's Doctoral Student Union.

Contact details for each of these functions can be found on the links below (directs you to Lund University's website).