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Your digital toolbox

There are various digital tools that your exam can be executed in, but also tools that can help you in your preparations before and during your exam.


Canvas is Lund University's learning platform which was introduced in 2019. It is your go to destination for acquiring information about your course, messages from your teacher, files and other relevant information. In addition to the above it can also be the system used to facilitate your examination whether it is through quizzes, individual home exams, group exams or other. Teacher's can also use Canvas to examine your abilities by filming yourself or your screen through the use of the Studio tool.

See movie about Canvas (in Canvas.) (Please note that it is in  Swedish with english captions) 

Information about your exam in Canvas 

Student Guide - Canvas (Canvas)

Student Guide - Canvas student app (Canvas)


Studio allows you to create and handle video and audio files directly in Canvas. You can also upload, share, or embed video to other platforms, webpages, or blogs.

You can create video showing you, your screen, both, or only audio. Some examples of what teachers can do:

  • Record a video for you to watch in advance, before a webinar or lecture.
  • Create assignments where you (individually or in group) upload video from your mobile device or from a Zoom session.
  • Create interactivity in a video by using quizzes.

Student Guide - Studio (Canvas)


Zoom is a meeting software that has become a large part of university life. It is not only a place where lectures and seminars can take place but also a space that can be used in various ways once it's time for your examination. For you as a student, Zoom provides the possibility to host group meetings and make recordings of various kinds. 

Information about your exam in Zoom

Student Guide - Zoom (Canvas)


Inspera is a digital tool that teachers can use to plan, design, conduct and mark exams. It can be used both for sit-down exams to replace traditional pen and paper as well as for exams conducted online.

Information about your exam in Inspera

Student Guide - Inspera (Canvas) in Swedish only

Student Guide - Safe Exam Browser (Canvas) in Swedish only


Quality Progress System (QPS) is an assessment tool used by the Faculty of Medicine.

Information about your exam in QPS

Student Guide - QPS (QPS' website)

Other tools

TorTalk is a software for computers which will read all text on the screen for people with dyslexia and anyone who prefers to listen to text. It’s available for Mac computers, Windows computers and Windows tablet. It works with Inspera, but not if Safe Exam Browser is being used. 

TorTalk (Lund University libraries website)

Easy Reader is a software to read talking books. There is EasyReader for Windows and EasyReader for Mac. Contact your library to find out more information about how you access it. 

Easy Reader (Legimus website)

Spell Right is a spelling check programme in English. 

Spell Right (Lund University libraries website)

Ally is an integrated tool in Canvas that increases accessibility, ie you can access a document in different formats. For example, you can listen to the uploaded literature, get it in e-Pub format to facilitate reading on your mobile or as Braille if you have impaired vision.

Student Guide - Ally (Canvas)

DigiExam is a digital examination writing tool most commonly used at the Faculty of Law. It allows written exams to be conducted via the users computer and provides teacher's the opportunity to give digital feedback

DigiExam - Student guide (Faculty of Law's website)

DigiExam - Support and contact information (DigiExam's website)

Through integration with Google apps, you can upload documents directly and easily from your Google apps to Canvas. You can also use google app to create collaborative documents such as Google docs and Google sheets.

MATLAB Grader is integrated in Canvas which makes it possible for your teacher to use MATLAB Coding Problems directly in your course. You might therefore come across it in a Canvas assignment. 

Many students at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH, use the mathematics programs Matlab, Comsol or Maple. Other students at Lund University use these programs for mathematical calculations. The University has user licenses for these programs which cover all students at Lund University.

The programs can be downloaded from the LTH software website and require you to log in with your Student Account.

Download mathematics programs from (LTH software website)

Office365 can be used to create collaborative documents either separately or as part of your digital plattform such as Canvas. 

Download Microsoft Office 365 (Lund University Student Portal)

There are various apps that can help you convert a photo to a pdf. Here are a few examples:

Genius Scan helps you convert paper documents to multiply paged pdf with the help of your mobile phone camera. 

Genius Scan for iPhone (Apple Store)

Genius Scan for Android (Google Play)

Office Lens for iPhone allows you to convert photos tol PDF-, Word-, PowerPoint- and Excel-filers digital print or handwritten text. 

Office lens for iPhone (Apple Store) 

Office lens for Android (Google Play)

Peergrade is an external application that handles peer review. Peergrade is currently only used on courses in Canvas that are conducted at the School of Economics and Management.

Respondus Lockdown browser and monitor are used for monitoring during exams. Respondus is currently only used on courses in Canvas that are conducted at Faculty of Engineering - LTH.

Teams is a tool that can be used to chat and hold digital meetings. It can be used as a standalone program or integrated with other Office 365 tools in order to create a collaborative space if for example you are taking part in a lager group work.

Student guide - Teams (Canvas) 

Urkund is a text matching system that controls submission for plagiarism. 

Information about cheating