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Your digital exam

Your upcoming exam can be conducted in a variety of digital tools or platforms. It is up to the teacher to decide which one to use. This information should be communicated to you well in advance before your exam.

Examination Checklist

The checklist below gives you an overview on how to prepare for your upcoming examination. The most important thing is to read the instructions from your teacher. 

Weeks before your exam

Note down the date and time of your examination. Do you need to sign up/register, and if so when is the deadline?

  • What digital examination tool will be used and how can you locate the exam in question. 
  • Will your exam be conducted using pen and paper or with a digital aid?
  • Can you log-in to the digital examination tool you are requested to use during the exam?

See the different examination tools in the submenu to this page.

You can test the different examination tools in their testing environment. 

Testing environments for digital examination tools

What hardware are you expected to have in order to carry out the exam? If you don't have access to such hardware, are there any possibilities for your department or faculty to provide you such an equipment for the duration of your exam?

What software are you required to download ahead of the exam and where can you find it? Which browsers work best with the examination tool that you are expected to use during the exam?

Example of software that you might be required to download:

Will your exam be monitored?

What hardware (i.e. mobile phone, camera or microphone) are you expected to have access to in order to carry out the monitoring required? Are there any possibilities for your department or faculty to provide you such an equipment for the duration of your exam?

Information about monitored examination in Zoom

Which learning aids are permitted and which ones are not during the exam?

Where to find information if you are worried about how your personal information is treated during your examination.

Processing of Personal data


How long time ahead of your exam does the examiner or departmental contact need to be informed of the recommendation you have for special arrangements in exams? The minimum requirement is 2-3 weeks ahead of the planned examination.

Learning support for students with disabilities

Days before your exam

  • How are you expected to identify yourself?
  • Do you need any codes in order to access your exam? If so, how will they be shared with you.
  • Are there any requirement regarding the space you will sit in?
  • What is expected of your virtuell desk on your computer? Is it supposed to be clear and the bin empty?
  • Are you allowed to eat or drink during your exam?
  • Will you receive any confirmation once you have submitted your exam?
  • Is your workspace ergonimically correct, or do you have anxiety for you upcoming exam?

Health, wellbeing and egonomics

If you are required to conduct your exam with pen and paper:

How are you expected to hand it in? Are you required to send it in by post, email or one of our digital examination tools?

If you are expected to hand it in in digital format, are you still required to send in the paper format too? If so how and to what address?

  • How much ahead of time are you expected to login to the examination tool?
  • What rules are in place in regards to the virtual desk on your computer? Does the examiner expect you to have cleared the desktop of content and possibly also the recycle bin?
  • If you are expected to use your phone for monitoring, find out what you are expected to film.
  • If you unexpectedly have to leave the monitored area, what rules and regulations are you to abide by?
  • Will the examination include planned breaks?
  • Are you allowed to leave the monitored area before the time has runt out? 
  • What happens once you have handed in your exam?

Tips about where to place your phone during monitored exams

Useful information if you are going to write a monitored exam in Zoom and tips on where you can place your mobile during a monitored exam


What instructions have you received regarding plagiarism and cheating?

What is allowed and what is not? Make sure that you know what the instructions are in your case. 

Information on cheating


Has your examinor granted special arrangements if that was requested? Are there any instructions related to this that you need to be aware of?

Learning support for student with disabilities

The day of your exam

  • Ensure that both your computer and phone (if it is required) are charged and that they are plugged in to a power source. 
  • Ensure that your designated examination space has good wifi and access to mobile data if the wifi would go down.
  • Ensure that you are not going to be disturbed and that you can sit by yourself.
  • Ensure that your internet browser has been updated and is compatible with the digital examination tools. Do not use Internet Explorer.