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FAQ about digital monitoring

On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about digital monitoring.

Is the University allowed to monitor me as a student when I undertake a specific examination task?

Yes, monitoring is allowed if the teacher can motivate the necessity of it to ensure a legally secure examination. As a student, information about monitoring should be given to you well in advance of your exam.

We have been given instructions to use a computer with a webcam and a phone. Is the university allowed to make such demands?

The University can’t demand that you purchase such equipment unless the programme, including the examination, was designed as a distance program in the course or programme plan when you were first admitted. If it’s necessary that you have access to a computer with a webcam and a phone for the examination to be carried out in a legally secure manner, the university must be able to loan you such equipment or give you the possibility to participate in the examination on-site with the required monitoring.

Is my teacher allowed to record me during my examination?

An examination should generally not be recorded for the purpose of monitoring. In rare cases, the examinator can, after consultation with the university’s data protection officer, decide that it’s necessary in order to ensure a legally secure examination. In these very rare cases, the decision must be properly documented.

However, recording of the examination is allowed if the recording itself is part of the examination. Examples of such examinations are oral presentations or showcasing an instrument.

What can I do as a student to protect my privacy during a digital examination?

Follow the guidelines provided to you before the examination. Place yourself in the most neutral environment possible of your home and if you live with other people - inform them of when the examination is taking place and what the camera is filming so that they don’t accidentally show up on camera.

Is it OK that I’m asked to identify myself by showing my ID on camera?

Yes, if the examination session requires that you identify yourself. However, this should be conducted in such a way that the other participants of the meeting can’t see your personal number or other unique personal data. This can be done either in a break-out room alone with the supervisor or by showing your ID while covering the last four digits with your finger.