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Inspera is a digital tool that can be used when organising exams. Inspera can be used to replace pen and paper during a regular in-person exam or for exams that are carried out entirely digitally and remotely.

If you are writing an in-person exam in Inspera, you will probably be using Safe exam browser, a program that locks your computer so that you can’t access other programs or files while writing your exam. If you are using your own computer for the exam, you have to download Safe exam browser in advance and try to create a demo-exam in Inspera to make sure you’re able to start the exam. Make sure you test this out before each new exam even if you have already used Inspera and Safe exam browser before, because new updates might have launched since then. Click on the link below for more information about how to download Safe exam browser and how to check that everything works the way it should.

Go to our Insperaguide –

If you are writing an exam in Inspera remotely, you will probably not need to use Safe exam browser, but double-check to be on the safe side. If you’re writing an exam in Inspera without Safe exam browser, you don’t need to download anything on your computer. This means that your computer won’t be locked during the exam and you will be able to access downloaded ebooks, for example, while writing.

Accessibility in Inspera

Inspera gives teachers the option to allow spell-checking and text-to-speech software. If you have the right to such support – contact your teacher well in advance to ask if this is possible for that specific exam. You always have the option to change the font size inside of Inspera by going to the menu in the right corner of your screen and clicking on Font size. Your teacher does not have to approve this. You will find the text-to-speech function in the same place, if your teacher has enabled it for the exam.

Information about learning support in digital study environments

Feedback and grades in Inspera

When the exam has been marked, you will in most cases be able to see the result and comments, if there are any, by logging in to Inspera and going to your archive. If the teacher has configured settings that allow you to see the points on your exam question, you can find these in the exam itself. You can usually download your exam from Inspera once it has been marked.

Technical support

Contact LU Servicedesk if you need technical support when using our digital tools.

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