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Inspera is a digital tool for organising exams. Inspera can be used to replace paper and pen during a normal invigilated exam or for exams conducted remotely online.

If you are going to sit your invigilated exam using Inspera, you will probably be required to use Safe Exam Browser, which is software that blocks your computer from accessing other programs or files while you are doing your exam. If you are going to use your own computer, you will have to download Safe Exam Browser in advance and test it using a demo exam in Inspera to ensure that you can open the exam. Test the program before each new examination, even if you have used Inspera and Safe Exam Browser before as there could have been updates in the meantime. Click on the link below for more information about how to download Safe Exam Browser and how to check that everything is working.

Inspera guide –

If you are going to sit an exam remotely online, you will probably not need to use Safe Exam Browser, but double check to be sure. In this case, you can sit your exam in Inspera without having to download anything else. This means that your computer will not be locked during the exam, and you can access downloaded e-books as you write, for example.

Accessibility tools in Inspera

Inspera allows your lecturers to choose to allow spell checkers and text-to-speech programs. If you have the right to this kind of support, contact your lecturer in good time to ask if you can use the tools for the current exam. It is always possible to change the size of the text yourself, by clicking the menu and choose Text size. This is also where you can find text-to-speech if it is activated on the exam.

Read more about learning support when studying online

Feedback and grades in Inspera

Once the exam has been corrected, in most cases you can see your results along with any comments in Inspera in the archive section once you log in. If your lecturer has chosen to allow you to see how many points you received for each answer, you will find them inside the exam itself. Usually it is possible to download the exam from Inspera after it has been corrected.

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Technical support

Contact LU Servicedesk if you need technical support when using our digital tools.

LU Servicedesk
servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
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