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Mentimeter is an interactive tool you can use to quickly collect anonymous answers from a large or small group of people, for example as part of a presentation. You can choose to receive the answers in many different ways, such as in the form of word clouds, bars or markings on an image.

Your student account gives you free access to the full version of Mentimeter.

Create your Mentimeter account – (requires login)

Mentimeter is easy to use if all participants are in the same place in a room or in a Zoom meeting – as well as in hybrid situations where only some of the students are joining remotely. The only requirement is that everyone has access to the internet in some way (for example via a phone) and that everyone can see the same picture shown on a screen.

In Canvas, there is a Mentimeter-guide for teachers that you as a student also can use to learn more about the different functions.

Go to our Mentimeter guide in Canvas –

On this page, you can read about some common uses for Mentimeter, but you can also find more information on Mentimeter's own blog, both about how to design questions and about different use cases.

Go to Mentimeter’s own blog –

Engage the audience with Mentimeter

The most common application of Mentimeter is as a tool to engage and involve the audience in oral presentations. You can ask questions to test knowledge, to gather spontaneous reactions or why not as a way to break the ice in an awkward Zoom meeting.

Efficient group work using Mentimeter

Mentimeter can also be an efficient tool for group work. It’s not uncommon during a group project for one or a few students to talk the most and the loudest, but if everyone gets to think carefully and anonymously answer questions first, you ensure that everyone has a say in one way or another. To ask and answer questions via Mentimeter can also be a good way of moving forward in a group project that has hit somewhat of a roadblock.

In a study group, you can use Mentimeter to ask each other questions. You can take turns preparing questions in different areas of a subject or from different chapters of a coursebook. If everyone answers anonymously at first, you can see each other’s answers and discuss which answer is most reasonable and why. This is a fun way of including everyone.

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